CrochetToys. Handmade ToysThere are brick houses, are made of concrete, wood, glass, metal ... I'm not a builder, I'm just learning. My house made of the boxes. Five blocks are exactly on top of each other. Plastic, transparent, crammed with colorful hanks of yarn. Wool, acrylic, cotton, mohair ... From under the covers as the grass snake crawling out of their restless tails threads. Naughty pranksters! They do not want to sit still. Timidly at first protrude stubby segments, then longer and more confident already hanging from the upper floors to the floor. On the way down between the two tied the battle - who will be the first assistant to the lord and ruler-hook.

All right, it's time to unravel the knots. Open lid boxes and begins cleaning. Oh, how bright thread. I'd forgotten about it. That's what I need! Eyes burning, itching palms. Smile on the face, hook kneads fingers. In the imagination I already draws a vivid picture. 

Happy cat Ushas hurry layed on the lap. He already knows - at least a couple of hours he can enjoy the warm body. In gratitude, the chief assistant crochet reverently hums, closes his eyes and begins his meditation. Well, if I suddenly need to try some detail, Ushas always ready to help! ))

Is this a big crochet toy or very tiny, it takes two hours or take a few weeks? I do not know. All is in the power of inspiration! Path will be close or long - no matter. While there is a process - inside fills endorphin, hormone of happiness. After all, creativity - this is the powerful magic wand that gives a person happiness and freedom ...


Oh well. Run in the playlist "Lounge" and begin to create ...


Halloween: Free Pattern Crochet Bat



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