Wise, a little mysterious and devoted. Owl  accumulates and keeps much of knowledge! Carefully watching everything going on, analyzes and makes  conclusions. It is happy to share its wealth of knowledge with anyone who sincerely wants to get it! No challenges and nothing is impossible! There are answers to all the questions, there is the door to all the roads, there are solutions to any problems! 

Warding sleep - place it in the room where you sleep and it will protect your dreams - chase away the bad, good - will make even more colorful and enjoyable.

This Horse loves to travel! Long journey or in the house next door - it does not matter. Horse always puts her best striped dress, gently puts his mane and tail, rosy cheeks, takes its brilliant bucket, fills it roses and goes forward! Little sailor presents flowers to new and old friends instead fills its burden with new impressions and small Souvenir.

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