Crochet doll with coffee and flowers

A cup of coffee and a bouquet of fresh fragrant flowers is a great start to the day. She is happy and smiling at the new day.

This doll is hand-crocheted with a high quality yarn and stuffed with a synthetic non allergenic filling.

Crochet portrait doll - Filmmaker

Portrait doll is made for young filmmaker. She is already making her own movies.

Crochet portrait doll with the dog

Crochet portrait doll for small girl with her lovely yorkie

Crochet chicken

2017 is almost here. And, the new owner - chiken - will crow very soon. Early wake up in the morning, fruitful work of each - all strictly in his chicken coop. A some discipline will not be superfluous for us. Well, we need to make stocks of grain for our chiken that his will be full and satisfied throughout the year. :)

Portrait doll Teen girl

Portrait crochet doll for Teen girl

Portrait knitted doll Traveler

Another one crochet portrait doll for friend. 

Portrait knitted doll

This is the portrait doll for master tattoo artist - Scady. "It will be painful, long and beautiful", - said Scady. This proved to be true. The pain and time passed, and now is beautiful only. 

Knitted Doctor

 From the good doctor, patients come with a smile. And smile on the face of this doctor never disappears. He loves his job and worries about each of his patient. Therefore, even the X-ray snapshot shows him that it is still "okay"!


Crochet bear

Starched shawl, elegant overalls and washed favorite wooden spoon. The Bear is waiting for the guests, because he has a birthday today. He is very worried, shifting from foot to foot and muttering a song. Suddenly blew a wind and the noise reached out from the thicket. As a big plane a swarm of bees is rushing to him. It's his friends. Bees buzzed the greetings and brought a gift - a cask of fresh fragrant honey. Bear scooped up honey with a spoon and regaled all the friends.

Crochet film flapper

Frame by frame life flies like a reel of film - one continuous, long, long. Click-click, sometimes something is deleted from the memory and go unnoticed. But there are moments - especially who wants to remember the minutest details, smiles of all relatives and friends, the laughter, the joy in the eyes, the warmth in the arms, love in touches. This crochet film flapper helps to remember all these special days. The first year or two of a child or 25th wedding anniversary - anything. We are getting together in the frame, smile, clap - "Let's go!".

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