The technique, which never breaks down - the dream of everyone. It is possible. The secret of this miracle - yarn, a hook and spokes :) Knitted camera - compact, practical, easy to use. It has everything you need - a good lens, a microphone for clear audio recording, viewfinder and a battery that can be removed and replaced by another, but, however, it is not necessary, because the charge it never ends.

Crochet microphone

Equipment can break, batteries - run down. At the most inopportune moment journalist can remain without its main weapon - the microphone. I present innovative product - knitted microphone. It doesn't break, doesn't need electricity.Only good mood and humor. Records only pleasant companions, interesting histories, convenient size, quality materials, made with enthusiasm and joy!


Crochet dog

In every person's life at least once should be a dog! Kind, faithful and empathize. This black dog is still small, so he likes to play. His favorite fun - a huge sugar bone.

Crochet doll

This crocheted doll was made for ukrainian TV-host. I had only one photo. That was difficult but very interesting. Owner has recognized herself :)

Crochet monkey - Crochettoys

The master of the holiday is ready: chose a beautiful Christmas tree and decorated it. The peel of the banana fits perfectly to the tree. Crochet monkey is smiling and very happy. 

Christmas tree

This is the main attribute of the New Year and Christmas. Its aroma fill the house with fairy tales, a Santa Claus puts gifts under it , it lights the joy in the hearts of both children and adults.


This baby is in a hurry to decorate your home, to make it a festive mood and to give a lot of positive emotions!

Crochet doll

Details - this is what makes any character is unique and special. Details in this crochet doll - are the most laborious and interesting part of work. Consider sandals - their length is only 2 cm. Platform, strap and buckle - all real and fully functional. So after a long day, this girl comes home, she may takes them off, puts on a shelf and gives their restless legs relax.

 Crochet frog.

So green and not, not greedy, and not even a toad - only a small frog :) Meet: crocheted frog. Early in the morning he puts on his vest, takes its bucket, bait and runs to the lake fishing. And the fish in the lake is not simple. It is colorful and the lake just seems shalow and small - hoo-oo, but there are so many fish in it. After all, the world of the frog - is one big fairy tale))) 

Crochet envelope for money

Gift - is what we want to present - a beautiful, happy and unusually. Crochet envelope for money - a good idea for those who are going to the wedding of relatives or friends. The size of envelope is universal - suitable for different currencies (dollars, euro, etc.)

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