Knitted Doctor

 From the good doctor, patients come with a smile. And smile on the face of this doctor never disappears. He loves his job and worries about each of his patient. Therefore, even the X-ray snapshot shows him that it is still "okay"!


Crochet bear

Starched shawl, elegant overalls and washed favorite wooden spoon. The Bear is waiting for the guests, because he has a birthday today. He is very worried, shifting from foot to foot and muttering a song. Suddenly blew a wind and the noise reached out from the thicket. As a big plane a swarm of bees is rushing to him. It's his friends. Bees buzzed the greetings and brought a gift - a cask of fresh fragrant honey. Bear scooped up honey with a spoon and regaled all the friends.

Crochet film flapper

Frame by frame life flies like a reel of film - one continuous, long, long. Click-click, sometimes something is deleted from the memory and go unnoticed. But there are moments - especially who wants to remember the minutest details, smiles of all relatives and friends, the laughter, the joy in the eyes, the warmth in the arms, love in touches. This crochet film flapper helps to remember all these special days. The first year or two of a child or 25th wedding anniversary - anything. We are getting together in the frame, smile, clap - "Let's go!".

Crochet hat


My first crocheted hats. Made for my nephew.

Crochet nest

The nest with eggs is a symbol of home, prosperity and wellbeing. It's a good gift idea for Easter, housewarming or simply as a decoration for the interior. The nest, grass, eggs - all mobile and disassembled, so this crochetted nest can be kind of soft constructor for kid games.

Knitted bear

This wonderful bear-postman based on the drawings of Irina Smirnova. He carries his big red bag every day. It is full of letters and postcards from native people to native people. He is messenger of good news. He makes people closer to each other. Look in your mailbox. Maybe somebody has already left a letter for you?

The technique, which never breaks down - the dream of everyone. It is possible. The secret of this miracle - yarn, a hook and spokes :) Knitted camera - compact, practical, easy to use. It has everything you need - a good lens, a microphone for clear audio recording, viewfinder and a battery that can be removed and replaced by another, but, however, it is not necessary, because the charge it never ends.

Crochet microphone

Equipment can break, batteries - run down. At the most inopportune moment journalist can remain without its main weapon - the microphone. I present innovative product - knitted microphone. It doesn't break, doesn't need electricity.Only good mood and humor. Records only pleasant companions, interesting histories, convenient size, quality materials, made with enthusiasm and joy!


Crochet dog

In every person's life at least once should be a dog! Kind, faithful and empathize. This black dog is still small, so he likes to play. His favorite fun - a huge sugar bone.

Crochet doll

This crocheted doll was made for ukrainian TV-host. I had only one photo. That was difficult but very interesting. Owner has recognized herself :)

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